Sunday, October 31

Couch cat is watching you masturbate


Saturday, October 30

Friday, October 29

Daily Pics

Tantra for cows
That's some dangerous stuff
Lord of the Flies 

Monday, October 25

Patty Cat

These cats are on a roll.
(Credit goes out to my wonderful girlfriend for finding this vid. She is as cute or possibly cuter than these cats. I know, it's adorable.)

Friday, October 22


Contains cute noise makers (but loud).

Thursday, October 21

Tuesday, October 19

Wednesday, October 13

Today's random selection

In Soviet Russia, dog cooks you!
My popcorny goodness is locked away forever D:

Tuesday, October 12

Monday, October 11

Saturday, October 9

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Tuesday, October 5

Monday, October 4

This will save me so much time

A master chef displays his incredible speed cooking ability.


Try to pay attention to the speaker and not the kid falling asleep

Stop staring into the depths of my soul

I can see into GOD


This makes complete sense!

The hunted become the hunters

How many bricks would you shit if you saw this?

A New Milestone!

My first image macro post. Macros are gateway pictures to lolcats.

Sunday, October 3

We Interrupt The Daily Programming

Take a break from your chuckles to melt your mind.

Witty Title

Rousing caption.

False Advertising

You can do anything in Finland!


So I just saw an ad on TV with the characters from SHREK telling kids to turn off the TV and go outside.

This picture is almost as ironic as those Che Guevara shirts.